Sugiyo "Aroma Box Kiwami
Fragrance box pole


presents "Aroma Box Pole" from Sugiyo. It is a product that combines the best features of male and female snow crabs. It will be available at supermarkets and other fresh fish sections from March 1, 2023. The product will be available at supermarkets and other fresh fish outlets from March 1, 2023, at an estimated price of 398 yen (excluding tax).

Sugiyo "Aroma Box Pole" package
10 bottles per package

Sugiyo, located on the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, developed its first


cakes in 1972 and has been researching them for more than half a century. This time, the spirit of development and technology were utilized to create the ideal snow crab, which is neither male nor female, but has the best of both worlds.

Sukyo "Aroma Box Pole" male and female
Difference between male and female snow crabs (Koubako crab)

The male snow crab is soft and satisfying, with a light but natural sweetness that fills the mouth with the crab's flavor, while the female is delicate and juicy, and each fiber is not assertive and you can enjoy the sensation of it loosening on your tongue.

Sukyo "Aroma Box Polar
The cross-section is also made to resemble the shape of a crab

The Aroma Box Polar reproduces the complex flavor of male crabs by analyzing and verifying more than 100 different aromas, and the shape has the volume of male crabs while the fiber is thin and supple like female crabs. The shape of the crab has the volume of a male crab, while the fibers are thin and supple like those of a female crab. The crab's delicate mouthfeel, the sensation of loosening, the juicy taste, and the sensation of snow crab flavor flooding the mouth like a male crab have been created.

Sukyo "Aroma Box Polar
Is it a crab as if you lifted it up with chopsticks?

According to Sugiyo, the number of chews before swallowing is 20 for "Aroma Box Pole" compared to 17 for real snow crab, and about 40 for ordinary crab cakes, making it more like the real thing. The process of making the crab cake into a form that is easy to swallow is put forward as being close to the real thing.