Dom Dom Hamburger "Whole! Crab Burger"

Dom Dom Hamburger "Whole!



will be re-released At some Dom Dom Hamburger locations, "Whole! Crab Burger" will be back on sale from May 18 to May 21 at some Dom Dom Hamburger stores.




"Whole! Crab Burger" is a burger with a big-sized soft-shell crab, a premium ingredient, sandwiched entirely in a bun. The soft-shell crab is "freshly molted and tender, so you can enjoy eating the whole shell. The sweet chili sauce enhances the taste, and the crab meat, miso, and the umami of the shell can be tasted in its entirety.

The Crab Burger will be available in October 2019! Crab Burger" was first sold in October 2019 and was a hit with its striking visuals and umami-filled crab flavor. This time, it will be available again at select stores for four days only. Prices are 1,190 yen for a single item, 1,620 yen for a set, and 1,440 yen for a combination, all tax included.

Stores selling the product are as follows

AEON Kaihin-Makuhari Store
Noda Canal Plaza Kan Store
Maruetsu Higashi-Narashino Store
Maruetsu Oizumigakuen Store
Kodaira Store
Kamimizo Store
Mitsukai Store
AEON Kanazawa-Hakkei Store
Lafre Hatsuo Store

* Sold as a year-round menu at Asakusa Hanayashiki Store, Ichihara Zounokuni Store and Dom Dom Hamburger Plus Ginza Store
Sales specifications and prices are different at the Domdom Hamburger Plus Ginza Store.