Dom Dom Hamburger Whole! Crab Burger to be re-released

Domdom's Hamburger to Re-Release Crab Burger!


Burger will be on sale again

! Domdom's Hamburger is selling the very popular "Marugoto! Crab Burger" is now available for a limited time. The "Marugoto! Crab Burger (Sweet Chili Sauce)" and "Whole Crab Burger (Garlic Butter)". Crab Burger with Garlic Butter Sauce. Each is priced at 1,190 yen individually and 1,620 yen as a set (both including tax). The Asakusa Hanayashiki and Ichihara ZOU-No-Kuni stores will be selling individual items.

In addition to the standard "sweet chili sauce" flavor, a new flavor has been created this time. The crab burger is called "Garibata Crab" and is covered with "garlic butter sauce". The crispy, savory soft-shell crab is paired with the appetizing garlic flavor and richness of the butter. The sauce goes well with the buns and is a definite delicacy.

Dom Dom Hamburger Whole! Crab Burger

Dom Dom Hamburger Whole! Crab Burger

Whole!!! What is the Crab Burger?

This burger was sold at all Dom Dom Hamburger locations for a limited time in October 2019 and was a huge hit. It is an amazing visual with a whole soft-shell crab, a premium ingredient, sandwiched between two pieces of soft-shell crab, and the delicious flavor of the soft-shell crab. Soft-shell crab is a soft-shell crab that has just molted. Since the whole shell is edible, the crab meat, miso, and umami of the shell can be tasted in its entirety. Comes with a cute Domuso-kun original flag.