Kanro "Healthy Throat Candy Cherry Blossom


Healthy Throat Candy Cherry Blossom Kanro sells "Healthy Throat Candy Cherry Blossom," a cherry-flavored candy blended with 31 Japanese and Chinese ingredients. The product contains 26 grams and is priced at 138 yen (tax included).

The popular "Kenko no Satoame" series by Kanro, which celebrated its 40th anniversary the year before last, is a long-selling product that has been loved since its launch in 1981 based on the concept of "throat lozenges made with carefully selected herbs for the throat. Against the backdrop of the increasing awareness of self-care for the body, the series is designed as "comforting" throat lozenges that make daily life a little more pleasant, and contains 31 kinds of herbs blended with Japanese and Chinese ingredients, including hops and persimmon tannin, which were originally developed by Kanro.

The "Healthy Throat Candy Cherry Blossom" is themed on cherry blossoms, which are perfect for the season of entrance exams and new life. The sweetness of the cherries is accented with a slight aroma of cherry blossoms. The "Sato Nishiki" cherry juice, the king of cherries, is used to create a luxurious taste.

The package is available in two colors, pale pink and blue, to brighten up your mood. Each is named with an original color name: "Sakura-saku Pink" to support students preparing for exams, and "Hopeful Blue" to encourage those who are starting a new life.

Kanro "Healthy Throat Candy Cherry Blossom

In addition, a total of six messages of support are included to cheer up those who are trying their best. Spring is coming!" "Come on, let's go! Let's enjoy it to the fullest," "The goal is right in front of us! These positive words will push back those who are preparing for entrance exams and new lives.