Puree Gummi Summer Color Pineapple Soda from Kanro

Puree Gummi Summer Color

Pineapple S

oda Canro will release a summer-only flavor, Puree Gummi Summer Color Pineapple Soda, which offers the tropical and refreshing taste of pineapple and soda. It will go on sale on June 13. It will be available for sale on June 13th, with a content of 52g (1.83oz) and a price of 149 yen (tax included).

Puregumi Summer Color Pineapple Soda" is a limited summer flavor using Okinawan pineapple juice. With soda as an accent, the flavor is tropical, refreshing, and perfect for summer. The refreshing sweetness of pineapple and soda can be enjoyed with a pleasant pulpy texture.

Pureed gummies are characterized by their heart shape, but rarely hidden among them are star-shaped gummies called "star purees. When you come across a star gummy, you may think "Lucky! I'm happy! I'm going to have a good day!" It has become a secret topic of conversation. In the "Puree Gummi Summer Color Pineapple Soda", the appearance rate of these rare star-shaped "star purees" has been increased.