Hi-Chew Watermelon Flavor from Morinaga Seika Co.

Morinaga Seika

: Hi-Chew [Watermelon Flavor] Hi-Chew [Watermelon Flavor] will be available from Morinaga's "Hi-Chew" series of soft candies with a pleasant texture and juicy taste. The product will go on sale on May 9. The product will be sold until the end of July. The product will be available until the end of July.

Hi-Chew [Watermelon


"Hi-Chew [Watermelon Flavor]" has the characteristic chewy and unique texture of Hi-Chew, with candy chips inside the Hi-Chew to create a crispy texture as if you were eating watermelon pulp. The fresh and juicy watermelon flavor can be enjoyed. The package is designed to make the watermelon flavor instantly recognizable.