Papa Bublé Choco Mint Series


Choco Mint Series New

Products "PAPABUBBLE" will release new products that offer new flavors and textures, and packaging arrangements that make the standard Choco Mint series even more delicious and fun to enjoy. The new products are Russian Choco Mint, Choco Mint Caramel, Nutty Choco Mint, and Petit Choco Mint. The release date is April 28.

Papa Bublé's Choco Mint Candy, which has become a staple item, is a popular chocolate mint treat with a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate filling in a thinly stretched candy crust. The crunchy texture of the sparkling candy is addictive and has a strong following.

The "Choco Mint Mix" is a mix of three mint levels: "Mild," "Standard," and "Refreshing," as well as "Forbidden," which is more refreshing, "Choco Mint Mix," which is a new marriage with fruit, "Choco Mint Marshmallow," which has a fluffy texture that is addictive, and "Gummy Choco Mint Choco Mint," which is a stimulant for advanced users. The lineup includes a variety of variations such as "Gummi Choco Choco Mint," which is a stimulating drink for advanced consumers, and "Gummi Choco Choco Mint.

The new Chocomint Caramel and Petit Chocomint, which can be eaten like a tablet, are the first flavors to be added to the lineup, further enhancing the popular Chocomint series. The popular Choco Mint series has been further enhanced.

Russian Choco Mint

A package set with Russian Roulette specifications is now available, with one of the 10 black sachets containing the forbidden Choco Mint candy. It was developed to be enjoyed with friends and family who love chocolate mint. The "Russian Choco Mint" is perfect for GW outings, where you can enjoy the forbidden chocolate mint with a sense of excitement as you wonder who will draw the winner. Priced at 1,500 yen (tax included, same below).

Papa Bublé "Russian Chocolate Mint

Choco Mint


Following the "Salted Caramel" sold year-round, this is the first time a chocolate mint-flavored caramel has been added to the lineup. The milkiness of the caramel has been maximized to create a sweet, easy-to-eat caramel with a rich, refreshing taste. The new refreshing sensation of the "chocomint-like" taste and the unique richness of the caramel blend together in the mouth, making this a product that is addictive.

The chocolate mint color with chocolate chips is easy to recognize, making it an ideal gift for chocolate mint lovers. The price is 730 yen.

Papa Bublé "Choco Mint Caramel

Nutty Chocolate Mint

Papa Bublé's first product in a can is now available. The nuts, which are roasted to bring out their aroma, are coated with two layers of chocolate. The first layer is milk chocolate with nut praline (nut paste) and the second layer is mint white chocolate. The mildness of the milk chocolate and the freshness of the mint chocolate make for an irresistible taste. The price is 880 yen.

Papa Bublé "Nutty Chocolate Mint

Petit Ch

oco Mint was developed to be a chocolate mint candy that can be eaten like a tablet. Although Petit Choco Mints are very small, they are still made in the same way as Papa Bublé's regular Choco Mint Candy, with the chocolate encased in a thin layer of candy. Because they are small, you can enjoy a crunchier texture, making them a candy to be chewed and enjoyed.

Papa Bublé "Petit Choco Mint