Kanro "Cosme na nodo candy, two momo flavors"

KANRO Cosme na


2 no Momo Flavor KANRO will sell "Cosme na Nodoame 2 no Momo Flavor," the first freeze-dried granulated candy with lip and eye shadow in its package design. The release date is April 18. The product contains 11 pieces and is priced at 128 yen (tax included).

Cosme na nodo candy, two peach


"Cosme na nodo candy, two peach flavors" was born from the desire to create a candy that makes you feel good just by holding it like a cosmetic, and to let you choose a candy with the same excitement as choosing a cosmetic. Therefore, while many conventional stick candies have been developed by pushing functionality, we developed stick candies that are cute both inside and outside.

As the name suggests, it is an assortment of two kinds of momo flavors, and the taste will never get boring. Both are menthol-free, and the "Momo" flavor is gently sweet with a refreshing peach aftertaste that spreads in the mouth. The "Strawberry Momo Flavor" is the first candy covered with freeze-dried strawberry granules and looks cute.

Kanro "Cosme na nodo candy, two momo flavors"

The five different lip and eye shadow packages are just like choosing cosmetics, so you can enjoy them according to your mood.