Kozechi" "Oshogatsu Wagashi (rabbit/white)" "Oshogatsu Wagashi (rabbit/pink)" Kurazushi

Kurazushi New Year's

Hatsuuri Fair Kurazushi will hold a limited-time "New Year's Hatsuuri Fair" from December 28, featuring a variety of festive products to celebrate the New Year.

Kosechi, sushi suitable for the New Year, and Japanese sweets associated with the Year of the Rabbit will be on sale. Gorgeous to-go sushi sets will also be available to add color to the year-end and New Year's festivities. A special New Year's gift program will also be offered.


: A one-person osechi that can be easily enjoyed by one person. It uses eight kinds of ingredients, inspired by the auspicious number "Suehirogana" (meaning "spreading to the end"). The price is 770 yen. Available from December 28 to January 3. No take-out available.

Kurazushi "Kosechi

The "Yaki-ebi" (grilled shrimp) is a wish for longevity, the "Kinusaya" looks like an arrow feather, which is considered a good-luck charm, the "Satsuma-imo" (sweet potato stew) is made from Japanese sweet potato shaped like a rabbit and cooked in sweetened soy sauce, the "Ebisu-kabocha-komizuni-ni" (softened and cooked with Ebisu pumpkin in broth) is made from thick wooden shiitake mushrooms and cooked in a delicious soup stock made from the same ingredients over a long period of time. The "Ebisu kabocha konjime (pumpkin stew)" is made with the sweetness of Ebisu pumpkins and cooked in a soft dashi broth made from thick, wood shiitake mushrooms.

Gokujo kanburi (extremely high quality cold yellow

tail): A lucky charm for success in business and for the growth of children, this yellowtail is carefully selected to weigh more than 8 kilograms. Yellowtail is carefully selected to be over 8 kilograms in weight. It is raised in a fish pond in the strong currents of the Naruto Straits in Tokushima Prefecture, close to the whirlpools of the Naruto Straits, to increase the amount of exercise it receives and to make it more firm and juicy. The fish is full of fat but has a mild flavor.

Kurazushi "Gokujo Kamburi

The price is 250 yen. Available from December 28 to January 4.

Two types of nigiri

: The "stick nigiri," which is made using a processing method that preserves the flavor of the snow crab, and the "nigiri with the mashed meat," which spreads the flavor of the crab as soon as you eat it.

Kurazushi "Two Kinds of Superb Crab Nigiri

The price is 345 yen. Available from December 28 to January 5. No take-out available.

Large Shrimp (Consistency)

Shrimp, a staple of Osechi cuisine, will be available for three days only. By cooking it over a fire, you can enjoy the taste and texture of the thick, satisfying meat.

Kurazushi "Large Shrimp (Consistency)

The price is 250 yen. On sale from December 31 to January 2.


is a dish to bring good luck and prosperity to one's offspring. It is carefully prepared so as not to spoil its chewy texture.

Kurazushi "Kazunoko

The price is 250 yen. Available from December 31 to January 2.

New Year's sweets

(White rabbit)

New Year's sweets (Pink rabbit)

These wagashi are based on the image of a rabbit, the Chinese zodiac sign for the coming year, with cute drooping ears and dull eyes. Priced at 250 yen each. Sold from December 28 to January 3. No take-out available.

The "Oshogatsu wagashi (rabbit, white)," available only in western Japan, is made with aromatic sweet red beans from Hokkaido. The sweetness is moderate and moist.

KURAZUSHI "Oshogatsu Wagashi (rabbit/white)

The "Oshogatsu wagashi (rabbit/pink)," available only in eastern Japan, is characterized by its smooth strawberry-flavored red bean paste.

KURAZUSHI "Oshogatsu Wagashi (Rabbit/Pink)

Oshogatsu Wagashi


) The motif of this wagashi is the "Kagamimochi," a standard New Year's decoration. It is made with strawberry-flavored red bean paste.

Kurazushi "Oshogatsu Wagashi (Kagamimochi)

The price is 250 yen. On sale from December 28 to January 3. No take-out available.

Super luxury set

: Extra fine aged medium fatty tuna, extra fine aged tuna, selected top grade salmon, extra fine aged sea bream, extra fine aged hachimachi, abalone, red shrimp, salmon roe, scallop, extra large slice eel.

Kurazushi "Super Luxury Set
For 2 persons (30 pieces)

Prices are 2,500 yen for one person, 5,000 yen for two people, and 7,500 yen for three people. The sales period is from December 28 to January 5.

2023 Celebration Set

: Premium aged large fatty tuna, premium aged medium fatty tuna, extra red Minami tuna, cold yellowtail, kazunoko, large salmon, extra large cut eel, snow crab, large shrimp, scallop, abalone, large salmon roe, and sea urchin.

Kurazushi "2023 Celebration Set

39 pieces for 7,980 yen. Available from December 31 to January 2.

Prices differ at some stores.
Sales of some items will end when the planned quantity is reached.

New Year's Day

special: "Chutoro", which is normally priced at 250 yen, will be sold for 165 yen, and some other items priced at 165 yen will be sold for 115 yen. The offer will be available from December 26 to January 19.

KURAZUSHI "New Year's Day Project" (Japanese only)

Prices differ at some stores.
Prices may differ at some stores.

[New Year's Holiday Hours]
December 31, 2022: 10:20-21:00
January 1, 2023: 11:00-22:00
January 2 and 3, 2023: 10:20-23:00
January 4, 2023- Normal business hours

* Some stores have different business hours. Please check the official website for details.