Kappa Sushi "Early Summer Colorful Set

Kappa Sushi

"Colors of Early Summer Set"

Kappa Sushi will offer a limited time take-out set "Colors of Early Summer Set" from April 26 (Wed) to July 11 (Tue).

The "Colorful


of Early Summer" Kappa Sushi has a lineup of take-out items that can be used for a variety of occasions, from seasonal events and celebrations to mourning, souvenirs, gifts, and everyday dining.

From late April to July, there are many events such as GW, Children's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and school events such as sports festivals. The "Early Summer Colorful Set" will be available to liven up these lively occasions.

This limited-time take-out item features an assortment of 11 popular items that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. The contents include medium fatty tuna, tuna, fatty tuna salmon, fresh shrimp, fresh squid, Engawa, grilled salmon, cooked conger eel, special salmon roe, special negitoro, and touching corn.

Kappa Sushi "Early Summer Colorful Set

Prices including tax are as follows

1 for 1 (12 pieces of 11 kinds) 1,290 yen
2 for 2 (24 pieces of 11 kinds) 2,580 yen
3 for 3 (36 pieces of 11 kinds) 3,870 yen
4 for 4 (48 pieces of 11 kinds) 5,160 yen
5 for 5 (60 pieces of 11 kinds) 6,450 yen

* Prices differ for Yokohama West Exit Echineer Store and Dotonbori Ebisubashi Store.
Prices are different at Yokohama Nishiguchi Ekineer Store and Dotonbori Ebisubashi Store.