Kappa Sushi "Spring Glamour Set".

Kappa Sushi

"Spring Gorgeous Set" to-go

products Kappa Sushi will sell "Spring Gorgeous Set" to-go products from March 2 (Thu) to April 24 (Mon).

Kappa Sushi offers a variety of to-go products that can be used for various occasions such as seasonal festivals, celebrations, mourning, souvenirs, gifts, and everyday dining. This time, for a limited time only, Kappa Sushi is offering a "Spring Gorgeous Set" that is perfect for a meal to send feelings of gratitude, blessings, encouragement, and welcome, and to love the season.

Kappa Sushi is offering a variety of "delicious! The set includes an abundance of Kappa Sushi's springtime favorites. The set includes medium fatty tuna, tuna, fatty tuna salmon, fresh sea bream, shrimp, engawa, natural sayori, grilled salmon, squid, cod roe, egg, salmon roe, and negitoro.

Kappa Sushi "Spring Glamour Set".
Image shown is for 1 person

Prices including tax are as follows

1 for 1 (12 pieces) 1,180 yen
2 for 2 (24 pieces) 2,360 yen
3 for 3 (36 pieces) 3,540 yen
4 for 4 (48 pieces) 4,720 yen
5 for 5 (60 pieces) 5,900 yen

* Prices may vary at some stores.
Prices are subject to change depending on weather conditions, availability, sales, etc.