Sushiro "Crab Festival

Sushiro Crab Festival

Sushiro will hold a "Crab Festival" from November 30 to December 11 (each product will end when sold out). In addition to crab products, there will be "winter delicacies" as well.



In order to encourage people to enjoy crabs, many products using "Hon Zuwai" and "Maru Zuwai" are prepared with the cooperation of producers. You can enjoy a wide variety of crab and different ways of tasting crab.


raw zuwai crab A dish in which large raw zuwai crabs can be tasted raw. The large raw zuwai crab has a sweet taste, and you can enjoy the tender texture that only raw zuwai crabs can offer.

Sushiro "Large raw raw Zuwai crab

Priced at 360 yen/370 yen/390 yen (pricing varies by store). A total of 360,000 servings are planned to be sold.

Zuwai Tempura and


Crab with Crab Miso You can enjoy "Zuwai Tempura," which is deep-fried to order, and "MaruZuwai Crab with Crab Miso" in a single dish. The crab with crab brain is made by roughly breaking up the whole Zuwai crab so as to preserve its unique texture, and mixing it with Sushiro's carefully selected crab brain and tobiko (or tobiko or shishamo mushrooms, depending on the area).

Sushiro "Hon Zuwai Ten and Maru Zuwai Crab with Miso

Priced at 360/370/390 yen. Total of 170,000 servings to be sold. No takeout. Not available at Sushiro Utajima store.



: Sushiro's standard product "Matsumaezuke with baby herring roe" is now available with crab meat for a limited time only. The crunchy texture of the herring roe is combined with the flavor and aroma of the crab meat.

Sushiro "Kani Matsumae

The price is 120 yen/130 yen/150 yen. A total of 380,000 servings are planned to be sold. When taking it home, it is served in a single piece.

Maru-Zuwaigani-Kani with Crab Meat and Miso

Price: 120yen/130yen/150yen. Total sales: 440,000 servings. When taking out to go, it will be served with one piece of the gunkan.

Sushiro "Hon Zuwai Ten and Maru Zuwai Crab with Miso

Hot steamed egg


with crab flavor and aroma.

Sushiro "Zuwaigani-Chawanmushi" (Steamed egg custard with crab)

Priced at 280 yen/290 yen/310 yen (price differs for take-out). A total of 730,000 servings are planned to be sold. Toppings are subject to change.


plate featuring

two pieces of raw tuna from Oki

Island, including red meat and medium fatty tuna farmed in the waters of Oki Island. It can be either "medium fatty tuna and red meat" or "medium fatty tuna 2 pieced" or "red meat 2 pieced.

Sushiro "Oki raw tuna 2 pieced together

Prices are 360 yen/370 yen/390 yen. A total of 290,000 servings are planned to be sold.

Wagyu Sashi-Float with Wasabi & Ponzu Jus

, available on a black plate (360yen/370yen/390yen) and for a limited time on a red plate (180yen/190yen/210yen). Total of 580,000 servings to be sold.

Sushiro "Wagyu Beef Sashiwaro with Wasabi & Ponzu Jus

The number of each item sold per day is limited.
Sales may be suspended or cancelled, or the number of items sold may vary, depending on availability.
Sales may continue after the end of the period until the total number of items sold reaches the planned number.
The price of each product includes the cost of the container.