Kappa Sushi "Dodo! and Sanukan Neta Matsuri Festival".

From May 31 to June 19, Kappa Sushi will hold a "Dodo! and Sankan Neta Festival" will be held at Kappa Sushi from May 31 to June 19. The menu includes "Three Kinds of Tuna," "Three Kinds of Hikarimono," "Three Kinds of Hikarimono Aburi," "Three Kinds of Salmon," "Three Kinds of Squid," and "Three Kinds of Salad Gunkan.

Dodo! and Sanukan Neta Festival!

Three kinds of tuna

Kappa Sushi "Three kinds of tuna

Assorted natural bigeye tuna, deep-fried tuna tataki, Minami tuna medium fatty tuna, and bottle-necked tuna. The deep-fried tataki is made by deep frying the tuna as it is, so that the customer can enjoy two different textures: the beaten surface and the rare center of the tuna. The price is 330 yen (tax included).

Three kinds of Hikarimono

Kappa Sushi "Three Kinds of Hikarimono Platter

Assorted natural mackerel from Kyushu, natural domestic horse mackerel, and live-closed shimaji horse mackerel from Ehime Prefecture. Natural "mackerel" caught in Kyushu, where the Genkai Sea is one of the world's most famous fishing grounds, and "horse mackerel" from Ehime Prefecture, which boasts the largest production of cultured horse mackerel in Japan, are used, as well as domestically produced "horse mackerel" of the highest quality. The price is 330 yen.

Hikarimono Sanburi Sashimi (three kinds of light fish)

Kappa Sushi "Hikarimono Sanburi Sashimi Sashimi Aburi" (three kinds of Hikarimono)

Three kinds of Hikarimono are seared to a savory perfection: natural seared mackerel from Kyushu, natural domestic seared horse mackerel, and live-closed seared horse mackerel from Ehime Prefecture. Price: 330 yen.

Three Kinds of Salmon

Kappa Sushi "Three Kinds of Salmon

Assorted with Seared Large Toro Salmon, Salmon, and Large Toro Salmon. Price: 220 yen.

Squid Triple Platter

Kappa Sushi "Squid Triple Platter

Pickled Japanese common squid, red squid, and salted lemon squid. Price: 165 yen.

Salad Gunkan Triple Platter

Kappa Sushi "Salad Gunkan San-Type Array" (three kinds of salad)

Salad Gunkan, Touching Corn, and Crab Kama Salad Gunkan. The price is 110 yen.