Tomato Noodles of the Sun "Cacciatora"

Tomato ramen specialty restaurant "Taiyo no Tomato Men" offers "Cacciatola" and "Aqua Pazza Tomato Noodles", a traditional Italian dish, exclusively at its online store.

The "Taiyo no Tomato Ramen" online store is an online store where customers can enjoy not only the popular tomato ramen but also "tomato dishes from around the world that can be enjoyed at home. In addition to standard tomato dishes such as tomato risotto and caponata, new "tomato dishes" are introduced on a monthly basis, including tomato curry, tomato shrimp chili, and other tomato-based dishes from around the world.


The limited menu for May is "Cacciatola. Cacciatora means "hunter's style" in Italian. It is a local dish of chicken stewed in tomatoes with vegetables and herbs. The chicken is slowly stewed in a special tomato sauce made with red wine until it is tender and tender, while retaining the flavor of the young chicken whose skin has been roasted to a fragrant aroma, and finished with high-quality olive oil. This dish goes well with rice, bread, and "tomato noodles. Priced at 648 yen (tax included, same as below).

Tomato Noodles of the Sun "Cacciatora"

Aqua Pazza Tomato Noodle

The "Taiyo no Tomato Noodle" online store introduces a unique tomato ramen dish each month, and May's limited edition tomato ramen is "Aqua Pazza Tomato Noodle". The aroma of aromatic grilled white fish is trapped in the tomato broth along with its aroma. The soup is served with "Eating Olive Oil" as an optional garnish. The "Eating Olive Oil," which adds spiciness and flavor to high-quality olive oil, is drizzled over the ramen to enhance the flavor of the tender white fish and tomato soup, making it a high-quality dish to enjoy. The price is 993 yen.

Sun Tomato Noodles "Aqua Pazza Tomato Noodles