Chiroruchoco "Chokomochi (bag)".

Chirorucho Chocolates at

Daiso Daiso will sell Chokomochi (bag), a sister product to Kinako Mochi, for a limited time starting December 5. 7 pieces in a bag for 108 yen (tax included).



is a winter-only flavor of the popular Chirorucho mochi series. The thick, sweet chocolate sauce and mochi gummies are wrapped in a simple milk chocolate filling. The flavor is perfect for the cold season.

The wintery design features the Mochi-kun character from the Mochi series and the sizzling Chokomochi on a chocolate plate background.

Chirole Chocolate

was established in Tokyo in 2004 by separating the product planning and sales divisions from Matsuo Seika, which was founded in 1903 in Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture. The company designs and sells fun confections with the mission of "bringing smiles to your faces. Chirorucoco was born from the idea of "delivering high-end chocolates to children for 10 yen," which was a luxury at the time.

Some stores do not carry the product. Some stores may not carry the product and sales will end when the product is sold out.