Kusefuku Shoten "Chirimenjako no Kokumami Peperoncino


Oil-based Pasta Sauce

Three products, "Chirimenjako no Kokumami Peperoncino", "Sakuraebi Huayagu: Genovese with Japanese Oba Leaves", and "Karasu no Oil Sauce with Mellow and Delicious Taste" are now on sale at the official online store of KUZE FUKU SHOTEN. They are also available at Kuze Fuku Shoten stores nationwide.

Chirimenjako no Koku-Yami Peperoncino (Chirimen Jako's delicious peperoncino

sauce) We carefully balanced the garlic, oil, and chili pepper to maximize the goodness of each ingredient. The mild and gentle flavor of the rice oil enhances the taste of the ingredients, and the more you chew, the more the flavor of the chirimenjako (dried young sardines) gradually spreads. The spiciness is moderate, so even small children can enjoy it.

We recommend dipping a crispy grilled baguette in it and simmering it to make it ajillo-style. When used in dishes such as salad and stir-fry, the flavor and deliciousness of the chirimen-jako (dried young sardines) adds an extra dimension of deliciousness. Price: 594 yen (tax included, same as below).

Kusefuku Shoten "Chirimenjako no Kokumami Peperoncino

Genovese with Cherry Blossoms and Japanese Shiso Leaves

Kusefuku's take on the classic pasta sauce "Genovese" is a unique arrangement. It uses fragrant shiso leaf paste produced in Kumamoto Prefecture. To enhance the texture, frozen sakura shrimps are used instead of dried sakura shrimps. The balance between the fragrance and flavor of the sakura shrimp and the fresh taste of the shiso leaves is exquisite.

It goes great not only with pasta, but also with udon noodles and somen noodles! We also recommend baking it on bread or baguette and arranging it like a garlic rusk. Limited quantities. Price: 788 yen.

Kusefuku Shoten "Sakuraebi Huayagu - Genovese with Japanese shiso leaves

A pasta sauce born from the encounter between a long-established karasumi (dried


roe) maker in Nagasaki and a Kuzefuku buyer. The use of two types of karasumi, granulated and powdered, enhances the mellow flavor and rich deliciousness of karasumi. The secret ingredient of butter gives it an even richer flavor. Limited quantity. 788 yen.

KUZE FUKU SHOTEN "Mellow and deliciously tasty Karasumi oil sauce" (Japanese only)