KALDI "Original Setouchi Shrimp Lemon Pasta Sauce"
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Refreshing "lemon" sweets, seasonings, and drinks are appearing one after another at each KALDI Coffee Farm store. We have compiled a recommended lineup!

・ Moheji Lemon Ikaten 298 yen (tax included, same below)

KALDI "Moheji Lemon Ikaten"

It is finished by sprinkling lemon powder from Setouchi on the heavens that you want to fry crispy. It has a refreshing and sour taste, and you will be addicted to it when you eat a bite.

・ Moheji salt lemon okaki 118 yen

KALDI "Moheji Salt Lemon Okaki"

Fried rice cake with a crispy texture using domestic glutinous rice, seasoned with the refreshing acidity and saltiness of lemon. It is a delicious food that you can eat with small grains and want to repeat.

・ Original black tea lemon 540 yen

KALDI "Original Black Tea Lemon"

Black tea with a refreshing scent of mellow Ceylon and lemon. Not only can you enjoy it by dividing it with water or carbonated water, but it is also useful for making ice cream toppings and sweets.

・ Original Sicilian lemonade base 398 yen

KALDI "Original Sicilian Lemonade Base"

A 5-fold concentrated juice that allows you to enjoy the refreshing scent of lemons grown in the sun of Sicily, Italy, and the refreshing acidity. You can enjoy it by dividing it with water or carbonated water.

・ Original Setouchi shrimp lemon pasta sauce 124 yen

KALDI "Original Setouchi Shrimp Lemon Pasta Sauce"

A pasta sauce made with garlic and chili peppers and lemon in a rich shrimp sauce. The refreshing acidity of lemon and the rich flavor of shrimp are exquisite.

・ Original Setouchi lemon olive oil soup 398 yen

KALDI "Original Setouchi Lemon Olive Oil Soup"

Straight noodle soup using Setouchi lemon and Spanish olive oil. It can be widely used for pasta and marinade.