KALDIpieno Frizzante

Sparkling wine for KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Salt Lemon Pasta Sauce" is now available. "Pieno Frizzante" will be on sale from the beginning of November. * Some stores are not available

Pieno Frizzante

A sparkling wine jointly developed with a winery aiming for the best mariage with KALDI's original product "Salt Lemon Pasta Sauce". Slightly dry, slightly effervescent with a good balance of fresh fruit and acidity. You can enjoy the refreshing scent of lemon and lime, the accent of green apple, the nuances of white flowers and mint, and white pepper.

It was created with the aim of creating the best mariage with the "original salt lemon pasta sauce" that has a refreshing lemon acidity and garlic flavor. As the name "Pieno", which means "full" in Italian, is perfect for the dining scene.

Contains 750 ml, and the price is 898 yen including tax. The country of origin is Italy.

Original salt lemon pasta sauce

KALDI salt lemon pasta sauce

KALDI salt lemon pasta sauce

Pasta sauce with the acidity of lemon juice, the refreshing aroma of the skin and the garlic. Simply mix this product with extra virgin olive oil in the boiled pasta to determine the taste. You can arrange chicken saute and seafood sauce as you like. The price is 124 yen including tax.