Kewpie "Aeru Pasta Sauce Dashi Fragrant Kamatama Style"

From the "fragrant type" of QP's pasta sauce series, "Aeru Pasta Sauce Dashi Fragrant Kamatama-style" will be on sale. Shipped nationwide from March 3rd. The estimated price is 270 yen (tax included). The content is 25.9g (0.32oz) x 2.

Dashi pasta sauce and fragrant kamatama style

"Aeru Pasta Sauce Dashi Fragrant Kamatama-style" uses the original raw material "aged egg yolk (egg yolk aged with egg yolk to bring out the umami)", and you can enjoy the rich richness and umami of the Japanese style that adults like. Pasta sauce. The taste of eating at a creative pasta specialty store is as easy as boiled pasta, and you can easily enjoy it at home.

By using Kewpie's original raw material "aged egg yolk", you will first feel the flavor and richness of the egg yolk when you put it in your mouth. Next, the fragrant bonito broth flavor, and finally, the four condiments of chopped green onion, green onion, white sesame, and red pepper are scented as accents. From the first bite to the end, the first, middle and aftertastes are intertwined in a complex way, and you can enjoy a dish that you will never get tired of.