Sanxer "Red Snow Crab in Tomato Cream Sauce

Sanxer sells "Red Snow Crab in Tomato Cream Sauce". It is priced at 852 yen (tax included).

The bottled pasta sauce series, one of Sanxer's signature products, has been popular since its launch at the first directly operated store in Karuizawa in 1999. In addition to the standard lineup, currently very popular is a slightly luxurious pasta sauce made with seafood. Now, we are proud to introduce a new version using "red snow crab"!

Red Snow Crab in Tomato Cream Sauce

This luxurious pasta sauce is packed with the delicious taste of high-class red snow crab. The refreshing acidity of the tomatoes and the juicy sweetness of the red snow crab are in perfect harmony. The addition of crab miso adds a rich and delicious flavor, allowing you to enjoy the rich taste and flavor of red snow crab to the fullest. We recommend using a wide type of pasta with which the sauce can be easily intertwined. The rich tomato cream sauce with plenty of red snow crab meat will quickly transform the pasta into an authentic dish as if served at a restaurant.