KUZE FUKUCHOTEN and Sanxer mail-order limited "2023 Fukubukuro".


Mail-Order Limited "2023 Fukubukuro" The mail-order limited "2023 Fukubukuro" will go on sale on Saturday, December 3, 2022 at 12:00 noon at the official online store of KUZE FUKUCHOTEN / Cinq Czère. The lineup includes three types: "Plum," "Bamboo," and "Pine." Reservations are not accepted.

The "Matsu," "Take," and "Ume" grab bags will not be sold in stores. Please also check out the article on the store-sold " Kuze Fuku Shoten 2023 Fuk ubukuro".

2023 Fukubukuro

Ume Fukubukuro (plum)

A grab bag of standard popular products that can be easily enjoyed. The selection includes "flavorful all-purpose dashi (soup stock) 5 packets," which is indispensable for year-end and New Year's cooking; "nori butter" and "shichimi name-mushroom," which have been introduced many times in the media as rice accompaniments; "an-butter," the most popular bread accompaniment; and "iburigakko tartar," an all-purpose sauce. The nine items include "Strawberry Milk Base," which was renewed in June; "Salted Banana Chips," which have an addictive salty taste; "Kochi, Hitori Hitori Benitenage," which is perfect for drinking at home; and "Shabu Shabu to Nabe: Sea Bream Salt Ginger," which is a nabe stock.

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN and Sanxer mail-order limited "2023 Fukubukuro: Plum".

The regular price is 5,062 yen, but the special price is 4,000 yen (including tax and free shipping). The quantity sold is 1,700.

2023 Fukubukuro Bamboo

: A collection of 11 hidden gems. The three rice dishes are "Otona no Shake-Shake-Mentai", "Ume-Name Mushroom", and "Otona no Beef Shigure". Also included are "Tuna Mayo Sauce" and "Strawberry An Butter," both with a secret flavor of dashi, "Aomori Ringokuru," which has been very popular since its release last year, and "Kuzefuku's Hard-to-Reduce Yomitsuki Mix 7-ELEVEN," a large pot containing 7-ELEVEN kinds of sweets.

The "Lemon Sour Sauce" flavored with lemon peel from Hiroshima Prefecture, the "Flavorful Japanese Quail Seasoned Eggs" flavored with flavorful all-purpose dashi and ultimate soy sauce are recommended for home drinking, and the "Shabu Shabu to Nabe Yuzu Kosho" and "Flavorful All-Purpose Dashi 15 Packets" are twice as tasty in one go. The lineup also includes "Shabu Shabu and Nabe with Yuzu Kosho" and "Flavorful All-Purpose Dashi 15 packets.

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN and Sanxer mail order only "2023 Fukubukuro: Bamboo".

The special price is 6,500 yen, a 2,154 yen discount from the regular price of 8,654 yen (including tax and free shipping). The quantity sold is 1,300.

2023 Fukubukuro Matsu

The popular "

2023 Fukubukuro Matsu

" bag, which sold out within 30 minutes of its release last year, is a combination of the best of Kuze Fuku Shoten and Cinq Czères. This year, the quantity has been increased and a special "fun omikuji" has been added. The fortune is a shopping coupon worth from 100 yen up to 5,000 yen and can be used at the official online store.

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN and Sanxer mail-order limited "2023 Fukubukuro" "Fun fortune" for "2023 Fukubukuro".

The contents of the goodie bag include "Otona no Shake-Shake-Mentai" and "Eat, Sukiyaki" from Kusefuku's popular gohan no omiyage. The nabe ingredients include "Shabu-shabu and hot pot with sea bream salt and ginger", "Shabu-shabu and hot pot with rich miso", and the very popular "Two-stage preparation imame oden".

The lineup also includes "Poro Chocolat Bitori Kawachi Bankan", a chocolate cake made with Kawachi Bankan produced in Kumamoto Prefecture, "Peisen Meguri", a collaboration with a long-established store in Edo Tokyo that offers four types of rice crackers, and "Kiriri to Dry Kuchi Lemon Sour Moto", a refreshing lemon flavor.

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN and Sanxer mail order only "2023 Fukubukuro: Pine".

From Sanxer's products are the best-selling "Pasta Sauce Tomato Cream Sauce" and "Onion Mustard & Mayonnaise Sauce," and "Garlic Shrimp Style Ahi Jio" which has been popular since its release last year. This year's special offer includes "Iizuna Cidre 2020 Fuji & Takasaka," available only at the main Sanxer Winery in Iizuna-machi, Nagano Prefecture, and "Sanctuary The total of 13 products includes "Sanctuary-2019.

The special price is 10,000 yen (including tax and free shipping) from the regular price of 12,815 yen. The sales quantity is 500 units.

Matsu" is sold only at the official online stores of Kuze Fuku Shoten and Sanctuary. It will not be sold at the Rakuten Ichiba store.