Thirty-One Ice Cream "Fig Baked Cheesecake

Thirty-One Ice Cream

"Fig Baked Cheesecake"

A new flavor "Fig Baked Cheesecake" will be available at Thirty-One Ice Cream for a limited time starting November 1.

Fig Baked


Thirty-One specializes in cheesecake flavors. In addition to the standard strawberry cheesecake, many other cheesecake flavors have been released, including blueberry, raspberry, pineapple, and chocolate. This time, a fig (fig) cheesecake flavor will be available for the first time at Thirty-One.

Fig Baked Cheesecake" is a combination of rich basque cheesecake


ice cream and rare cheesecake flavored ice cream with a refreshing sour taste. The addition of a fig-flavored ribbon, with its gentle sweetness and aroma, creates an elegant ice cream with a rich flavor.

Two kinds of real cheesecake flavored ice cream and the gentle sweetness of figs are the best match. This is a slightly mature product to be savored at the beginning of winter.

Product name: Fig Baked Cheesecake
Price: 390 yen for single and regular size (tax included, price varies by store)
Sales period: November 1, 2022 - limited time (ends when all gone)