Thirty-One "Amaro Affogato

Thirty-One Am

aro Affogato We actually ordered and tried the slightly adult coffee flavor "Amaro Affogato" sold at Thirty-One. Prices start at 390 yen for single and regular sizes (prices may vary by store). Limited time offer, ends when gone.



uses a very special coffee sorbet developed especially for this flavor. The "Amaro Affogato" flavor offers an authentic coffee flavor.

The coffee sorbet, which was developed after many prototypes, has a refreshing sweetness that goes perfectly with Thirty-One's signature vanilla ice cream. The coffee sorbet is perfectly matched with Thirty-One's signature vanilla ice cream, and is finished with a bittersweet espresso ribbon to create a Thirty-One-style affogato.

Thirty-One "Amaro Affogato

Jamocha Coffee, a representative coffee flavor of Thirty-One, has a mild taste with milk. This time, we developed a sorbet without milk so that customers can taste straight coffee. The combination with vanilla ice cream gives it an authentic taste.


smooth, sticky texture of the sorbet makes the rich, sweet taste spread in the mouth. The sweetness is firm, but the addition of the mildly bitter espresso ribbon adds a pleasant sharpness. The espresso ribbon is a strong coffee flavor that is delicious! You can enjoy a moderately refreshing taste.

Thirty-One "Amaro Affogato

However, it is sweeter and has a slightly heavier aftertaste than a regular affogato. It is a satisfying and satisfying meal. This is a flavor to be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere as a reward for a day of hard work.