Thirty-One "Icas Trikara Fruit Punch

Thirty-One "Splatoon 3" Collaboration Campaign Vol. 2

A collaboration campaign with the Nintendo Switch game "Splatoon 3" will be held at Thirty-One ice cream stores from June 30 to July 20. The lineup includes "Ikasu Trikara Fruit Punch," "Trikara Pop," "Splatoon 3 Double Cup," "Trikara Battle Crush Soda," "Ikasu Ice Cream Set," and "Splatoon 3 31 Deco Cake" themed on "Fes," the festival event in "Splatoon 3." .

The 310,000 people nationwide who purchase a "Tricarapop" or "Splatoon 3 Double Cup" will receive a random cookie topped with either "Judge-kun" or "Co-Judge-kun," the character who will judge who wins the battle. Which cookie will come with which is a surprise.

Thirty-One "Judge-kun" and "Co-Judge-kun" cookies

Icas Torikara Fruit Punch

Thirty-One "Icas Trikara Fruit Punch

A triple-colored flavor inspired by the "Trikara Battle" in the game. Last year's (2022) "Ikasusu Soda & Grape" has been powered up and combined with a new red-colored flavor.

Red is a peach-flavored sorbet with a sweet, sour and refreshing taste. Blue is a slightly sweet grape-flavored sorbet, like carbonated grape. Yellow is a soda-flavored sorbet that balances the fruit. In addition, chocolate puffs are mixed in for a crunchy accent. The suggested price is 390 yen for single and regular sizes (tax included, same below).


Thirty-One "Tricolor Pop

The "Triple Pop," which allows you to choose three pop scoop-sized ice creams of your choice, has been transformed into a "Trikalapop. It is topped with a cookie printed with a "super turban shell," a valuable item given at in-game festivals, and a sugar cone.

The cups are printed with characters related to the festival, such as the Inkling Octoling, who battles in three different colors of ink, as well as the Surimi Union, which enlivens the festival, and Judge-kun and Co-Judge-kun, the referees of the battles. The printed characters are stickers and can be enjoyed even after eating. Reference price is 650 yen.

Splatoon 3 Double Cup

Thirty-One "Splatoon 3 Double Cup

A product from which you can choose two pieces of your favorite ice cream (small or regular). It is served in a limited-edition cup designed with the image of "Trikara Battle" by combining three colors of ink (yellow, blue, and red) and squid and octopus icons. There are two types of designs. Suggested prices are 490 yen for a small double and 710 yen for a regular double.


Battle Crush Soda

Thirty-One "Tricolor Battle Crush Soda

A drink in which you can choose one small-size ice cream of your choice. A transparent cup filled with crushed ice and soda is finished by pouring the blue and yellow two-color sauce (grape flavor and lemon flavor) over the ice cream yourself. This drink is a fun experience, just like inking each other in a video game. With nata de coco. The cup also has a collaborative design with three colored squid and octopus icons inspired by the "Trikara Battle" game. Reference price is 680 yen.

Squid Ice Cream Set

Thirty-One "Cool Ice Cream Set"

Thirty-One's first ice cream set that can be taken home in a squid-shaped box. You can choose 9 pieces of your favorite ice cream (small or regular). Open the large squid box and you will see the squid transforming from a squid to a human. The cups are designed with a human inkling, making this a "squid-inspired" To go set. An original squid-shaped cooler is also included. Reference prices are 2,720 yen for small and 3,710 yen for regular.

Splatoon 3 31 Deco Cake

Thirty-One "Splatoon 3 31 Deco Cake

A product that allows you to choose 6 pieces of your favorite ice cream to make your original ice cream cake. The cake can be decorated with yellow and blue milk sauce, chocolate pen, Judge-kun and Kojudge-kun cookies, and character picks. The top of the cake looks like a battle between the yellow and blue teams. Size is approximately 14 cm in diameter x 4.5 cm in height (cake base size). Reference price is 4,300 yen.

Price may vary by store.