Starbucks "Three Kinds of Terrine"

Starbucks Online Store will launch the "Three Terrines" with three different flavors: Ruby Chocolate & Raspberry, Pistachio, and Marron & Chocolate.

Three kinds of terrine

Starbucks "Three Kinds of Terrine"

Ruby Chocolate & Raspberry

Smooth ruby chocolate mousse made with special ruby cacao, which has a naturally occurring pink color, has a gorgeous fruit-like acidity and a refreshing aftertaste. The cross section is studded with raspberries, which accentuate the sweet and sour taste and the grainy texture characteristic of raspberries.


This richly flavored, natty, smooth terrine is made for pistachio lovers. The pistachio crumble is topped with a thick layer of hazelnut mousse, a nutty and delightfully textured pistachio ganache, and a smooth, rich and deep pistachio mousse for a beautiful layered look.

Marron & Chocolate

Cream cheese and hazelnuts are combined to create a smooth mousse with a rich, nutty flavor with reduced acidity, complemented by the nectar of large marrons and the bitter flavor of the chocolate coating.

Starbucks "Three Kinds of Terrine"

Priced at 2,950 yen (tax included), it will be on sale from October 12 until April 11, 2023. The sale will end as soon as they are gone.