Starbucks new Frappé "Opera Frappuccino".

New Starbucks Frappé Opera Frappuccino

Starbucks will release its second Starbucks Valentine's Day beverage, the Opera Frappuccino, on February 3 (Friday) (except at some stores), until February 14 (Tuesday). 776 yen (to-go) / 790 yen (in-store use) (tax included).

Valentine's Day is finally approaching. The En-Eat editorial staff was one of the first to try the new Frappuccino!



The second chocolate beverage, "Opera Frappuccino," was created based on the idea of "Opera," a traditional French chocolate cake with layers of dough, chocolate, and cream. The Frappuccino has the glossy visual of an opera cake, and each layer has a different chocolate flavor, making it a Frappuccino that can be enjoyed both visually and in terms of taste.

Starbucks new Frappé "Opera Frappuccino".
Opera Frappuccino

The Frappuccino is based on a chocolate-flavored Frappuccino blended with dark chocolate powder, chocolate chips, almond milk, and a small amount of coffee. It is topped with whipped cream and a flat layer of chocolate glacage sauce, developed to give it a glossy surface, and finished with a glittery and glamorous gold dust powder garnish.

The three-layer Opera Frappuccino offers the texture of chocolate chips, the slightly bitter and savory flavors of chocolate and almond milk, and the deep chocolate taste of the chocolate glacage sauce. Combined with creamy whipped cream, it has a three-dimensional taste reminiscent of an opera cake.


shiny chocolate glacage sauce is too beautiful! It's so beautiful that it's a shame to put a straw through it. Frappuccinos are usually filled with whipped cream, but this new Frappuccino has a slightly more chic appearance. The shimmering gold powder adds a luxurious touch.

Starbucks new Frappé "Opera Frappuccino".

When you suck it up, you may be surprised to find that, contrary to its appearance, the base part is not as thick as it looks. Contrary to its appearance, the base part is light and easy to drink. Dark chocolate powder, chocolate chips, almond milk, and a small amount of coffee are combined to create a light and refreshing chocolate drink. The rough texture left on the palate is that of finely crushed chocolate chips. The rough texture left on the palate is the result of finely crushed chocolate chips, and it reproduces the feeling you get when you eat a piece of cake.

Starbucks new Frappé "Opera Frappuccino".

Surprisingly light? I thought as I continued to drink the drink, ......, here it comes! A very rich and heavy chocolate glacage sauce! What is this? I had never had a Frappuccino like this before, a new kind of "thick" feeling. It's so thick and creamy, it even feels like the chocolate remains in the back of your throat for a while after you swallow it.

It is so thick and has a strange addictive feeling that you can't stop drinking it one after another. We recommend that you enjoy it as it is without any customization.

The new Starbucks Frappuccino "Opera Frappuccino" is the perfect gift or reward for yourself. Enjoy the richness of the chocolate!

Almond milk is used. Almond milk is not milk or a dairy beverage, but this product does contain dairy ingredients.