Tre Chocolato" from Starbucks Princi
Tre Chocolato

Princi Tre Chocolato

A Valentine's Day menu featuring a taste of chocolate is now available at the Italian bakery Princi, which is located in Starbucks and other stores. The menu will be served at the "Seven Days of Intoxicating Breads with Chocolates" event, and will feature the "Tre Chocolato". The price is 481 yen (tax included) for take-out.

Valentine's Day menu with a taste of chocolate

Tre Chocolato is made of cornetti dough with richly flavored fermented butter folded into it, baked round and flat, and covered with Princci's special chocolate board made of three kinds of chocolate. The chocolate board has a delightful crunchy texture, and the almonds and crepe dough are rolled out thin and crumbled into a baked fiyantine. Cacao nibs, cocoa powder, and powdered sugar make for a gorgeous Valentine's Day garnish.

Seven Days of Intoxicating Bread: With


" will be held at Isetan Shinjuku Store's Food Collection. The outline is as follows.

Location: Isetan Shinjuku Main B1F Food Collection
Period: February 8 (Wed) - February 14 (Tue), 2023
Hours: Same as Isetan Shinjuku Store

About Princi

"Princi" is an Italian bakery from Milan. The breads are made to enjoy the delicious taste and rich food culture that has been loved in Italy for a long time.

Princi bread is available at Princi Daikanyama T SITE, Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo, Starbucks Reserve Store Ginza Marronnier Dori, and some Starbucks stores. The contents of the products differ depending on the store.
Seven days of intoxicating bread charms with chocolates~!
Address:3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo