Mai-izumi "Taro Croquette - Seaweed Salt

Mai-izumi will introduce an autumn-only menu item, "Taro Croquettes - Seaweed Salt Set", which will be available from September 28 to November 15. The price is 149 yen per piece (tax included).

Maiizumi Taro Croquettes - Seaweed and Salt

Known for its tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and filet sandwiches, Mai-izumi also offers a variety of fried foods made with seasonal ingredients at its kiosk, and this is one such item. The taro, an autumnal ingredient, is combined with the flavors of green laver and seaweed salt. This is the first time that Maisen has sold taro croquettes.

The taro croquette has a sticky texture, and the addition of fried taro cubes gives it a savory flavor.

It can be purchased at directly managed stores nationwide. It will not be sold at stores that do not handle fried foods. In addition, prices are rounded up to the nearest yen to reflect the reduced tax rate of 8%, and may differ at stores that round down their prices. A list of stores can be found on the official website.