Minimal "Gateau Chocolat Soft -Narutokintoki-".

Minimal - Bean to Bar Chocolate - will be offering a seasonal "Gateau Chocolat Soft -Narutokintoki-". It will be available at the Yoyogi Uehara store in Tokyo from mid-September to November. The retail price is 3,650 yen (tax included).

Gateau Chocolat Soft -Naruto-Kintoki

Minimal "Gateau Chocolat Soft -Narutokintoki-".

Naruto-Kintoki sweet potatoes produced by Kinumoto Farm, a farm in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture, which has been in operation for eight generations, were selected as the ingredient for this product. The sweet potatoes are grown in Naruto's mineral-rich, well-drained and well-ventilated soil, and are managed through soil preparation, fertilizer design, and soil moisture management. The whole skin is baked and used for the top of the gateau chocolat, which is said to have a satisfying and mouthwatering taste.

The chocolate dough is made from cacao beans from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia, which are characterized by their fruitiness. The chocolate flavor has been adjusted to complement the elegant taste of the sweet potato, and the concentrated sweet fruitiness of the raisin-like fruit is matched with the sweetness of the Naruto-kintoki, so that the pleasant astringent taste of the chocolate will complement the astringent taste of the baked sweet potato skin.

Pairing with Minimal's black tea Uf-fu "Amber", sweet potato honey, and white wine Betty (VINO BIANCO) is recommended.