Minimal "Chocolate Shaved Ice"

Minimal - Bean to Bar Chocolate - will introduce a seasonal menu item, "Chocolate Shaved Ice," a light, five-part chocolate treat, available exclusively at the Tomigaya store in Tokyo from June 1 to the end of September. The menu is limited to 15 servings per day and is available for To go as well as for eat-in. The price is 990 yen (including tax) for a single item and 1,375 yen for a drink set.

Minimal Chocolate Shaved Ice

Minimal "Chocolate Shaved Ice"

This is considered a popular summer menu item at the Tomigaya main branch, which is sometimes sold out within two hours of opening. The chocolate syrup used for the shaved ice is made from cacao beans, which are characterized by their light, tropical fruit-like sweetness, and are shallow-roasted to bring out their fruitiness. Aiming for a light flavor and aroma that can be enjoyed even with cold shaved ice, the syrup is made using a unique method of extracting the aroma by boiling and rapidly cooling the syrup in hot water.

The shaved ice is made without eggs or whipped cream, and a whole ball of chocolate ice cream is placed in the shaved ice like gelato. It is said to have a refreshing, fruity flavor extracted from the cacao.

In addition to the ice cream, there is an apricot compote with a sticky texture and a sweet and sour aftertaste, black tea condensed milk with a pleasantly sweet and astringent taste, and black tea jelly with a sticky texture made with agar.

The first bite is a light and fruity chocolate syrup and shaved ice, followed by the gorgeous aroma of the black tea and the texture of the sticky jelly, then the lightness of the chocolate ice cream like tropical fruit and the satisfying taste of the chocolate ice cream, and finally the sticky apricot compote. Finally, the apricot compote gives you a sticky, sweet, and refreshingly sour aftertaste.