Minimal "Gateau Chocolat -Japanese chestnut

Minimal - Bean to Bar Chocolate - will introduce an autumn-only "Gateau Chocolat - Japanese chestnut", available at the official online store from August 30, and at the Yoyogi Uehara store in Tokyo from mid-September. Both products will be available until around November. The retail price is 3,650 yen (tax included).

Minimal gâteau chocolat -Japanese chestnut

Minimal "Gateau Chocolat -Japanese chestnut

Japanese chestnuts from Miyazaki and Kumamoto prefectures with gentle sweetness, pleasant astringency, and delicate aroma are combined with chocolate made from cocoa beans from Ghana with a spicy flavor.

In the center, a generous amount of Japanese chestnuts from Kumamoto Prefecture are used, which is said to offer a dusty aroma and texture. The top is covered with a paste of Japanese chestnuts produced in Miyazaki Prefecture to which rich Japanese sugar is added, and it is said that the appearance of the product is designed to give a taste of autumn. It is accented with the chai-like aroma of chocolate made from Ghanaian cacao beans.

Pairing with other beverages is recommended, such as black tea with a refreshing aftertaste, hojicha (roasted green tea), which is said to spread the sweetness of the chestnuts, and cognac, which enhances the sweetness of the gateau chocolat and prolongs the spicy flavor.