Minimal - Bean to Bar Chocolate - will introduce "EXPERIMENTAL#8" as the 8th experimental chocolate from Minimal, which will be available at the official online store from September 10 and at the Tomigaya main store in Shibuya, Tokyo from September 15. The retail price is 2,160 yen (tax included).


This is the newest addition to the EXPERIMENTAL series, which appears five times a year from Minimal. It is considered to be an experimental flavor that enhances and sometimes weakens the characteristics of cacao beans, which have a variety of aromas and flavors such as fruits and nuts, depending on the type and region of origin, and which change delicately depending on the roasting temperature and time.

Based on the standard "NUTTY" chocolate board, which is made from minimal cacao beans and sugar alone and has a nutty, sweet and rich flavor, the beans are ground finer than usual and the oil is extracted so that the sweetness derived from the oil and fat of the cacao bean can be felt even more.

In addition, black tea candies are added in reference to an ancient production method, which gives a lingering spicy feeling derived from black tea, which is difficult to express with cacao beans alone, and creates a more pleasant aftertaste.