Collaboration "Mishima Shokuhin x IZAMESHI - Mishima's Yukari, Kaori, Akari and Okayu

A new product from the IZAMESHI series of long-term preserved foods, "Mishima Shokuhin x IZAMESHI Mishima no Yukari, Kaori, Akari and Rice Porridge" is a set of Mishima Shokuhin's popular furikake and rice porridge. Priced at 454 yen per box (tax included, same below), the set of six boxes costs 3,240 yen.

Mishima Shokuhin x IZAMESHI Mishima's Yukari, Kaori, Akari and Rice Porridge

IZAMESHI's new product lineup includes three types of furikake: Yukari, a refreshing red perilla sprinkle that you will never get tired of; Kaori, a green perilla sprinkle that will fill your mouth with its fresh aroma; and Akari, a spicy madarako sprinkle that comes with porridge made from Japanese-style dashi stock. The set comes with a spoon, so in the event of a disaster, the porridge can be cut open and eaten as-is. It can also be enjoyed as an everyday meal after warming it up with hot water or in the microwave.


IZAMESHI, a long-term preserved food developed by Sugita Ace, is based on the concept of "from stockpiled food that you don't eat to long-term preserved food that tastes good. These are delicious long-term preserved foods that are useful in various "emergencies" in daily life, such as travel and outdoor scenes, as well as as as emergency rations in times of disaster.

Yukari", "Kaori", and "Akari" are registered trademarks of Mishima Shokuhin.