Limited Time "Demon Yakumi

Furikake for Noodles "Devil's Yakumi

On March 1, Hamaotome will release its third furikake for noodles, "Demon Yakumi," as part of its "Mix-in Demon Meal" series, which can be easily prepared by simply mixing it with rice. It has a content of 20 g and an estimated price of 130 yen (excluding tax).

The third in the series, following the 2019 release of "Mix-in Demon Meal" and the 2020 release of "Mix-in Demon Meal with Burnt Negi-Salt," will be available for a limited time only as "Demon Yakumi," which makes somen noodles and cold udon noodles more delicious simply by sprinkling it on noodles and dipping sauce.

Based on the concept of "addictive deliciousness," "Akuma Yakumi" contains crunchy "Agedama" (deep-fried batter), refreshing "Aojiso" (green perilla), "Nori" (laver) and "Negi" (green onion), which are essential for Yakumi, and seasoning granules of sesame oil and ginger with a hint of aroma.

Limited Time "Demon Yakumi

The package has a fun design with a cool, light blue background and a flying Yakumi, a Somen carater who has turned into a demon. As a new character in the "Demon Meal" series, Yakumi will add a fun touch to the dining table.