MUJI 5 kinds of furikake (sprinkles) series that make the best use of ingredients

MUJI new product Furikake (furikake)

MUJI will sell 5 types of furikake in the "Furikake that makes the most of the ingredients" series. They will go on sale on December 14. Each is priced at 290 yen (tax included).



Making the Best Use of Ingredients Five types of furikake with a texture that allows you to thoroughly taste the ingredients and is very satisfying to eat are now available. The combination of compatible ingredients can be enjoyed with meals, bento boxes, and other daily meals.

Saba and Kombu" combines the firm texture of Sanriku mackerel flakes and Nozawana greens with the mild flavor of Awaji salt and the aroma of sesame oil, and can be used not only as furikake but also as chazuke, which further enhances the flavor of the mackerel and sesame oil.

Ume and Hijiki," which combines textured ume plum with hijiki and sesame, is a furikake with the tartness of red shiso and the flavor of bonito and kelp, and is recommended to be mixed with rice and arranged in chirashi-sushi or inarizushi.

Chirimen to Kombu" is a combination of Hokkaido natto kombu (fermented soybeans and kelp) and chirimen, which is characterized by its thinly chopped elasticity, and flavorful aosa and sesame seeds have been added. The kelp softens when placed on warm rice, allowing you to enjoy the flavor of seafood even more.

The lineup is as follows

MUJI 5 kinds of furikake (sprinkles) series that make the best use of ingredients