Emergency "Canned Okonomiyaki" "Canned Takoyaki"

Here are three "preserved canned foods" that the En-eating editorial department actually tried and enjoyed. "Takoyaki canned food", "Okonomiyaki canned food", "Dashimaki canned food". * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Canned takoyaki

I actually bought and tried " canned takoyaki " that reproduced the taste and aroma of authentic takoyaki sauce. This is a canned product of Osaka's specialty, powdered monk. Because it is canned, it has a soft texture unlike the actual freshly baked takoyaki.

Emergency canning "Takoyaki canning"

Canned okonomiyaki

I actually tried " Okonomiyaki Canned ", which contains two mini-sized okonomiyaki in a can. The box contains canned food, your favorite sauce, sea lettuce, and bonito bonito flakes, so it's a nice point to enjoy it right away. When you open the lid, you will find the round okonomiyaki as it is.

Emergency canned food "Okonomiyaki canned food"

Canned Japanese-style rolls

At the supermarket, I found " Dashimaki Canned Food" sold by mr.kanso ! I actually bought it and tried it. Canned omelet in collaboration with Kyoto's long-established store "Ki Yoshida". It's about 550 yen per can, which isn't suitable for everyday use, but it looks good as a small gift or in an emergency bag.

Emergency canned food "Dashimaki canned food"