Meisei Foods "Meisei Mido Raku Yaki Udon Dashi Soy Sauce Flavor"

"Meisei Mido Raku Yaki Udon Dashi Soy Sauce Flavor" will be released as a new cup udon from Meisei Foods. It will be on sale nationwide from November 8th. The estimated price is 193 yen (excluding tax).

Meisei Mido Raku Yaki Udon Dashi Soy Sauce Flavor

At Meisei Foods, Marumiya Food Industry and Cup Udon have been jointly developed for some time, and in 2017, "Myojo Noritama Yaki Udon Dashi Soy Sauce Flavor" was introduced. It was well received and was re-released for the fifth time in June 2021.

This time, as the second collaborative development, we made yaki udon noodles that you can enjoy by sprinkling "Midogaku" on the finish. "Midoraku" is a sprinkle with a crispy texture and a combination of sweet and spicy dried bonito flakes, seaweed, sesame and other ingredients. At Marumiya, it is the second most popular flavor after "Noritama".

It is combined with plump and elastic thick noodles, a soy sauce sauce with the umami of pork and bonito, and a sauce finished with the flavor of bonito broth and the aroma of roasted soy sauce. Kayaku is a cabbage that accentuates the color and texture. The content is 110g (3.88oz) and the noodles are 90g (3.17oz).