YUDETARO "Daily special set" "Choice of mini curry set", "Mini pork cutlet rice bowl set", "Shrimp maitake mushroom tempura rice bowl set", etc.
(Image source: Yudetaro's official website)

YUDETARO announced on its official website that "daily special sets" will be available. The "Mini Curry Set," "Mini Katsudon Set," and "Mini Ebi Maitake Mushroom Tendon Set" will be available for a limited time each day of the week starting August 1. All are priced at 700 yen (tax included).

Choice of Mini Curry Set

The "Choice of Mini Curry Set" will be available on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Hot or cold soba noodles are served with your choice of one curry and rice dish, such as "Curry with Fried Chicken" or "Curry with Fried White Fish".

Mini Katsu-don Set

The "Mini Katsu-don Set" is available on Sundays and Tuesdays. It consists of hot or cold soba noodles and a mini katsudon. It is considered to be the most popular combination at YUDETARO.

Mini Ebi Maitake Mushroom Tendon Set

The "Mini Ebi Maitake Tendon Set" is available on Wednesdays and Fridays. Hot or cold soba noodles are served with "Mini Ebi Maitake Tendon" (bowl of rice topped with tempura and maitake mushrooms). It is said that you can enjoy two plump prawns.

Yudetaro has two lines of stores: "Shinetsu Shokuhin" and "Yudetaro System. This daily special set was announced by Yudetaro System. You can check which store is closest to you from the official website.