Toraya "Small Yokan in Tenugui Wrapping
(Image source: Toraya's official website)

Toraya announced on its official website that it will sell "Small Yokan in Tenugui Wrapping" as an emergency set to prepare for disasters, in a new package. The selling price is 2,484 yen (tax included).

Small Yokan in Tenugui Wrapping

According to Toraya, natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons occur frequently in various parts of Japan, and as a daily preparedness measure, Toraya has created a set of highly functional yokan wrapped in a tenugui towel, which is useful in times of emergency. The size is 19.0 x 10.0 x 3.0 cm, and the tenugui cloth measures 37.0 x 98.0 cm.

The set contains two each of three kinds of small yokans: "Night Plum," "Omokage," and "Shinryo. All of them have an unopened shelf life of one year from the date of manufacture. They can be eaten for one year after the expiration date. They are low in fat and high in carbohydrates, making them a good source of energy. It can be stored at room temperature, does not melt in summer, and does not freeze in winter. Each 50g (1.76oz) bottle is conveniently portable and comes in a package that allows you to eat it without having to cut it and without getting your hands dirty. The product is made mainly from plant materials such as azuki beans, sugar, and agar agar, and is therefore touted as allergen-free.

Tenugui has water retention properties, so if folded and moistened with water, it will stay wet longer. It is also thin and breathable, so it dries in a short time. Since both ends are not sewn, it is said to be hygienic as water and dirt do not accumulate. There are ways to use it, such as tying it and using it to stop bleeding, tearing it and using it as a string instead, and using it as a mask instead. The size of the tenugui has doubled in length from the previous year, further expanding the range of its use in times of disaster. The original design was inspired by Toraya's wrapping paper.

It is recommended to put it in an evacuation bag as it is, or to separate it and put a bottle of yokan and a tenugui in a bag for daily use. It is also recommended to prepare a regular flavor that will bring you peace of mind in times of emergency. Please note that some stores do not carry this product.