Kayanoya "Summer Limited Cold Vegetable Dashi Western Style

Kuhara Honke, which sells Kayanosha Dashi and other Japanese-style seasonings, will release "Summer Limited Cold Vegetable Dashi Western Style" on June 21. The limited time offer comes in 5 7g (0.25oz) packets and is priced at 648 yen (tax included).

Summer Limited: Chilled Vegetable Dashi Western Style

The "Summer Only Chilled Vegetable Dashi Western Style" is a summer-only chilled soup stock that combines the aroma of onion, umami of tomato, sweetness of pumpkin and cabbage, and the refreshing aroma of cool herbs and lemon. It is perfect for cold soups and noodles during the hot summer months, allowing you to enjoy cold dishes with a refreshing summer taste.

Cold dashi is made by mixing with ice. Simmer the dashi packet, add ice, stir, and cool to create a delicious cold dashi with a robust flavor that preserves the flavor of the dashi. Even on hot days when you don't want to be near a fire, you can boil the dashi by simply placing water and the dashi packet in a heat-resistant container and heating it in the microwave.

Summer Cold Vegetable Dashi Western Style" is a cool and refreshing summer-only dashi. It would also make a good gift.