Cinq C'école: 3 types of refreshing jams for a limited time only to feel the summer

Three types of refreshing, summer-inspired jams for a limited time are now on sale at Sanxer stores and online store: "Summer 2010 Limited Mango Pudding," "Summer 2010 Limited Raspberry Lychee," and "Summer 2010 Limited Passion Orange. Each is priced at 538 yen (tax included).

Summer 2010 Limited Mango Pudding

Made with mango pulp and puree, each bite is filled with the rich sweetness and full-bodied flavor of mango. The luxurious mango cubes make this pudding very satisfying. The secret addition of coconut and milk powder gives it a creamy and mild taste. Pair it with yogurt or ice cream for a tropical tropical dessert.

Cinq C'école "2010 Summer Limited Mango Pudding".

Summer 2010 Limited Raspberry Lychee

Last year's very popular jam is back! The beautiful ruby color of the jam is pleasing to the eye, and the sweet and sour raspberries are accompanied by the gentle aroma of lychee. We have carefully balanced the raspberries and lychee so as not to spoil the goodness of both. Even if you can't imagine what it tastes like, once you try it, you'll be hooked! It goes great with vanilla ice cream.

Cinq C'école "Limited Summer '22 Raspberry Lychee".

Summer 2010 Limited Passion Orange

When the lid is opened, the mellow and gorgeous aroma of passion fruit spreads softly. The refreshing sweetness and bitterness of the orange peel intertwine perfectly, making it a good choice even for those who do not like sweet jams. This flavor was very popular at our in-house tasting event, and is the best tropical product of the summer! It is a great addition to toast and yogurt, and when mixed with beer or shochu, it makes a great summer drink.

Cinq C'école "Passion Orange" limited to Summer 2010