Sankuzeru Summer Limited Jam "Pineapple" "Raspberry Lychee" "Kiwifruit"

Summer limited jams "Pineapple", "Raspberry Lychee" and "Kiwifruit" are on sale at Sankuzeru stores and online shops.


The moment you open the lid, the gorgeous pineapple scent spreads. The beautiful bright yellow "pineapple" jam uses plenty of flesh so that you can fully enjoy the rich sweetness and acidity of Hawaiian pineapple. The juicy pineapple texture remains firmly, so you can easily enjoy pineapple yogurt ice cream with a flesh-like texture by mixing it with yogurt and freezing it a little. The price is 540 yen (tax included, same below).

Sankuzeru Summer Limited Jam "Pineapple"

Raspberry lychee

From the jam, which has a beautiful ruby-like color, the gentle scent of lychee spreads in the sweet and sour raspberries. A well-balanced dish that does not impair the goodness of both raspberries and lychees. Mix with vanilla ice cream for a tropical dessert. The price is 540 yen.

Sankuzeru Summer Limited Jam "Raspberry Lychee"

Kiwi fruit

It was made by repeating trials many times so as to leave the fresh feeling of kiwi. The refreshing pale green jam is like eating kiwi as it is. The kiwi-like acidity and the faint sweetness that comes afterwards are a refreshing taste that is perfect for hot summers. You can enjoy it as a drink by putting it on shaved ice or dividing it with carbonated water, as well as bread. The price is 540 yen.

Sankuzeru Summer Limited Jam "Kiwifruit"