Sanxer "Domestic Blood Orange Marmalade

Sanxer will sell "Domestic Blood Orange Marmalade". Limited quantities. Price: 637 yen (tax included).

Domestic Blood Orange Marmalade

Made mainly from blood oranges produced in Ehime Prefecture, one of Japan's leading citrus producing regions, this "Domestic Blood Orange Marmalade" is a product of the prefecture's rich blood orange flavor. When the lid is opened, the rich and refreshing aroma of blood oranges spreads like an aroma. With its rich sweetness and gentle acidity, it has a juicy flavor that makes you feel as if you are eating a blood orange as it is. The use of diced peel gives it a delightful texture, and the more you chew it, the more addictive the bitterness becomes.

It is perfect not only with yogurt, but also with cream cheese! Spread generously on bread for a luxurious toast. We also recommend mixing it with soda or tea and enjoying it as a drink! Combine the two and make a tea soda for a stylish café-style drink.

The juicy blood oranges are the fruit of Ehime's sunshine and the passion of its growers! Why don't you enjoy them with the marmalade that Sanxer proudly brings to you?