KALDI Coffee Farm "Breads for your friends".

KALDI Coffee Farm "

Bread Companion" KALDI Coffee Farm will sell "Bread Companion" to make your usual bread tastier and easier. Here are some of the items of interest.

Original Eating Cookies & Cream Nut Caramel

: A spread of cocoa cookies and almonds kneaded into a soft cinnamon-scented caramel cream. When spread on bread, you can enjoy the sweet and savory flavor of the cream and its crunchy texture. Priced at 513 yen (tax included, same as below).

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Eating Cookies & Cream Nut Caramel

Original Melon Butter

A flavorful spread combining Japanese red melon and butter. The juicy flesh of the melon, which is almost like eating a fresh melon, is matched by the richness of the butter for a sweet taste. Price: 667 yen.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Melon Butter

Original Arioli

Mayo S

auce Arioli sauce (garlic mayo sauce) is a classic Spanish sauce with an addictive garlic flavor and the richness of mayo sauce. We recommend spreading it on a baguette and eating it with garlic toast. Price: 334 yen.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Arioli Mayo Sauce

Original Dill-Scented Egg and Pickle Tartar Sauce

This crunchy tartar sauce is made by mixing a generous amount of eggs, onions, and pickles. The sauce has a mature taste with a hint of dill. Priced at 253 yen, it will go on sale sequentially from March 12 (Sun.).

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Dill-Scented Egg and Pickle Eating Tartar Sauce

The product is available in limited quantities and will be discontinued as soon as it is gone.
Availability may vary by store.
Product price, contents, design, and release date are subject to change.