Lotteria "Well-Bari Shrimp Zukuri Burger" (shrimp burger)

Lotteria will sell a new product, the "Well-Bari Ebi Zukushi Burger" from May 12 to early July (except at some stores). The price is 680 yen (10% tax included).

The "Ippari Ebi Zukushi Burger" (shrimp burger)

Lotteria is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with a variety of products and campaigns. As part of these efforts, the company has developed a new "popcorn shrimp" made by frying 8 to 9 cm large banamei shrimps in fresh breadcrumbs to make them crispy and crunchy, so that more people can enjoy the "Ebi Burger," which has been very popular since its first release in 1977.

The "Yobari Ebi Zukuri Burger" consists of a shrimp patty and two "popcorn shrimp" layered with Lotteria's original tartar sauce, sweet chili sauce with a perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors, and avocado sauce with a secret ingredient of jalapeno peppers. The sandwich is then sandwiched with cabbage and other ingredients in a fluffy bun. The double plump and crunchy texture of the shrimp burger is a must-have for shrimp lovers.

Lotteria "Well-Bari Shrimp Zukuri Burger" (shrimp burger)

Not available at Saitama Super Arena, Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis FS, and ZOZO Marine Stadium.