McDonald's Happy Set "Minna de! Party Game" and "Tabekko Dobutsu

McDonald's Happy Set "Minna de!

Party Game


and "Tabekko Dobutsu" Happy Set "Minna de! Party Game" and "Taebikko Dobutsu" will go on sale at McDonald's stores on November 17 (except for some stores).

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Happy Set "Minna de! Party Game"

A paper toy that lets you enjoy popular party games such as "The Game of Life," "Blackbeard's Crisis" and "The Game of Saying 'Haa'" with McDonald's original rules and designs. A total of six types of games are lined up, offering a wide variety of games that you will want to play over and over again with your family and friends.

Part 1 (November 17 - November 23


Aim for the President! McDonald's Life Game

Aim for the President! McDonald's Life Game

This is a game of life that includes a game sheet, a frame, roulette, smiley cards, and occupation cards, which players play while advancing their careers from McDonald's crew member (clerk) to president. The game is played by collecting as many "smileys" as possible while advancing through the panels.

It's now a card!


's Crisis

It's on the cards! Blackbeard's Crisis

Blackbeard's Crisis is a card game. The game consists of a sword, a Blackbeard card, and a talsheet, and is played by drawing cards in order and following the instructions on the cards. The player who draws the "out" card loses.

Doubutsu Shogi McDonald's Version

Animal Shogi McDonald's Version

Doubutsu Shogi is a McDonald's original design supervised by female professional Go player Madoka Kitao. The set includes a board and pieces. Doubutsu Shogi is a simple game of shogi played by moving the pieces with directions written on them. The winner is the one who catches the opponent's "lion" first.

Part 2 (Nov. 24 - Nov. 30

) "

Haattegatte" game McDonald's version

The "haha" game McDonald's version

In this game, players act out a given theme using only their voices and facial expressions. 20 cards with the theme written on them are used for the game. There are original themes with McDonald's original illustrations.

Happy Set Playing Cards

Happy Set Playing Cards

Playing cards with McDonald's original Happy Set illustrations. Out of more than 300 combinations of Happy Set menu, 52 patterns of Happy Set menu are on the playing cards.


McDonald's Version

Monopoly McDonald's version

McDonald's original Monopoly. The set includes a board, pieces, roulette, and bills. The game is played by buying more squares and increasing assets. The game ends when one of the players goes bankrupt. The player with the most money in his/her possession is the winner.

Part 3 (December 1 - )

Players can receive one of the six toys that appeared in the first and second parts of the series.


A large collection of popular characters such as LYON-kun, Rabbit, Giraffe, and Elephant. A total of six types of toys are available, including a rock-paper-scissors game with Lai-on-kun, spinning pieces with Rabbit, and ring toss with Giraffe.

First (November 17-November 23


Raion-kun's rock-paper-scissors box

Raion-kun's rock-paper-scissors box

When you push the lever on the side, the box that Raion-kun is holding rotates and you can play rock-paper-scissors-scissors.

Elephant Kendama

three-pronged vajra flung by Kukai on his return from China to determine the Holy Land of Esoteric Buddism

You can play Kendama by hooking the elephant's rings on your head or ears.

Cat and Crocodile Table Hockey

Cat and crocodile table field hockey

The red puck can be used to play table hockey with the included red puck. The red puck can be stored in the base of either the cat or the crocodile.

Part 2 (November 24 - November 30


Giraffe's Wanage Challenge

KIRIN's Wanage Challenge

Using the three types of rings provided, you can play ring toss. The rings can be stored in Kirin-san's pedestal.


TABEKO Animal Bowling Game

This toy features a collection of the characters from the TABEKKO DOBUTSU series. Roll the attached ball to knock down the pins of the animals.

Bunny Spinner

Rabbit spinner

Press the lever on the side of the bunny to spin the pieces. The pieces are painted with the animals.

Third (from December 1):

You can get one of the six toys that appeared in the first and second rounds.

In addition, by holding up the "TABEKKO DOBUTSU" toy to your smartphone, you can enjoy the AR game "TABEKKO DOBUTSU Naka-Ma-Atsume Game".


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