Seijo Ishii "Apple Tea Fizz", "Peach Tea Fizz", "Spicy Apple Fizz

Here is a list of recommended cocktails from Seijo Ishii. Perfect for home drinking on days when you want to splurge.

Seijo Ishii Mojito

Seijo Ishii Moscow Mule

Seijo Ishii Gin & Tonic

This is a canned alcoholic beverage that is an easy-to-drink arrangement of an authentic cocktail in the style of Seijo Ishii. Each can contains 350 ml and is priced at 199 yen (excluding tax). The alcohol content is 6% (5% for Moscow Mule).

Seijo Ishii "Mojito", "Moscow Mule", "Gin & Tonic

The Mojito has a cool, refreshing taste, the Moscow Mule is spicy, and the Gin & Tonic is sweet yet refreshing. The gorgeous appearance and taste of these drinks are so authentic that it is hard to believe that they cost only about 200 yen.

Seijo Ishii "Mojito", "Moscow Mule", "Gin & Tonic

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Seijo Ishii Apple Tea Fizz

Seijo Ishii Peach Tea Fizz

Seijo Ishii Spicy Apple Fizz

Fizz is a style of cocktail using soda (various theories exist). At Seijo Ishii, the keyword is "fruit + soda + α". Each drink contains 10% fruit juice and 4% alcohol by volume. Each is priced at 186 yen (tax included).

Seijo Ishii "Apple Tea Fizz", "Peach Tea Fizz", "Spicy Apple Fizz

A fizz with a gorgeous aroma to be enjoyed leisurely during relaxation time. The fruity flavors of apples and white peaches can be felt clearly. The cute tin depicting fruits and teacups is also noteworthy.

Seijo Ishii "Apple Tea Fizz

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Seijo Ishii Shibuya Cooler

Seijo Ishii Singapore Cooler

The Shibuya Cooler is a collaboration with the popular Japanese bar The SG Club, while the Singapore Cooler is a rich cocktail created in collaboration with the popular Singapore bar Jigger & Pony. The price is 549 yen (tax included).

Seijo Ishii "Shibuya Cooler" and "Singapore Cooler

Shibuya Cooler (8% alcohol) offers a refreshing harmony of hojicha, earl grey and grapefruit. Singapore Cooler" (9% alcohol) is sweet and gorgeous with notes of berries, lychee, and roses. Both have an upscale appeal, just like cocktails served at a bar.

Seijo Ishii "Shibuya Cooler

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