Seijo Ishii's original "Mojito", "Moscow Mule", "Gin and Tonic"

At Seijo Ishii, cocktails that make your drinking time at home gorgeous are on sale. Introducing Seijo Ishii's original "Mojito," "Moscow Mule," and "Gin and Tonic."

A canned liquor that is an easy-to-drink arrangement of authentic cocktails in the style of Seijo Ishii. Complex patterns are designed based on green, pink, and blue, respectively. The content is 350 ml, and the price is 199 yen (excluding tax).

Seijo Ishii's original "Mojito", "Moscow Mule", "Gin and Tonic"


Made from 100% Jamaican rum. A mild sweetness spreads with a squishy and pleasant foam. Lime juice and peppermint extract are used, and the scent that goes through your nose is very refreshing. It has a refreshing taste that is easy to match with meals. Fruit juice 6%, alcohol content 6%.

Seijo Ishii's original "Mojito"

Moscow Mule

Uses ginger extract from Kochi prefecture. The first thing I feel is the tingling stimulus of ginger. The sweetness gradually spreads and the spiciness is relieved. Finally, the heat of alcohol and ginger combine, leaving a slightly spicy finish. Fruit juice 5%, alcohol content 5%.

Seijo Ishii's original "Moscow Mule"

Gin and tonic

Yomeishu Sake Brewery CRAFT GIN Uses incense drops. It is finished with lime juice while taking advantage of the flavor of gin. The unique scent of gin and the refreshing lime go well together. It has a sweet but refreshing aftertaste. Fruit juice 1%, alcohol content 6%.

Seijo Ishii's original "gin and tonic"

A full-fledged finish that does not seem to be about 200 yen in both gorgeous appearance and taste. By all means to accompany your relaxing time at night!

Seijo Ishii's original "Mojito", "Moscow Mule", "Gin and Tonic"