Naruki Ishii "Apple Tea Fizz" "Peach Tea Fizz" "Spicy Apple Fizz"

Three types of "Fizz" from Seijo Ishii's original cocktail series. "Apple Tea Fizz", "Peach Tea Fizz" and "Spicy Apple Fizz" are on sale. The capacity is 350 ml and the price is 186 yen (tax included).

Seijo Ishii original cocktail "Fizz"

Fizz is a type of cocktail style that uses soda (there are various theories). Seijo Ishii is developing a new cocktail series with the keyword "fruit + soda + α". All have 10% fruit juice and 4% alcohol.

Naruki Ishii "Apple Tea Fizz" "Peach Tea Fizz" "Spicy Apple Fizz"

Apple tea fizz

Developed with the concept of "turning popular flavored tea into a cocktail". Apple juice from Nagano prefecture is used, and you can feel the refreshing scent when you eat it. The flavor of black tea follows afterwards. It feels like you're drinking fresh apple tea, but it leaves a slight alcoholic heat in your throat.

Naruki Ishii "Apple Tea Fizz"

Peach tea fizz

Uses domestic white peach juice. The moment you drink it, the fresh sweetness of white peach pops out along with the elegant carbonic acid bubbles. "Apple tea fizz" was a strong claim for black tea, but this one is mainly white peach. You can enjoy the gorgeous scent.

Seijo Ishii "Peach Tea Fizz"

Spicy apple fizz

Developed with the hint of "Apple Cinnamon Jam," a popular winter-only product from Naruki Ishii. Apple juice from Nagano prefecture is used. The sweet and sour apples are followed by the sweet scent of cinnamon. The taste is reminiscent of an apple pie with a slightly spicy accent.

Seijo Ishii "Spicy Apple Fizz"

A gorgeous scented fizz that you want to relax and enjoy. If you see a cute can with fruits and tea cups on it, pick it up.