Lawson "Raw Gateau Chocolate"

At Lawson, "Raw Gateau Chocolate" will be renewed and released on January 24th. At the same time, a new flavor "Raw Gateau Chocolate Slightly Strawberry" is also available.

Raw gateau chocolate

In this renewal, the composition of raw materials contained in the dough has been changed based on the results of a questionnaire survey of purchasers and advice from sweets craftsmen on popular TV programs. By increasing the amount of fresh cream and couverture chocolate, the texture is made more moist.

The chocolate dough is baked in hot water using couverture chocolate with a cacao content of 62% and cream produced in Hokkaido. Cream blended with Hokkaido cream and crispy chocolate sauce are placed. The renewed dough does not use flour, but the amount of fresh cream and couverture chocolate is increased. The price is 220 yen (tax included).

Raw gateau chocolate slightly strawberry

Strawberry sauce and cream are put in the same dough as the renewed "raw gateau chocolate", and topped with strawberry chocolate sauce and freeze-dried strawberry with a crispy texture. The price is 230 yen (tax included).

Lawson "Raw Gateau Chocolate Slightly Strawberry"

Along with the renewal of "Raw Gateau Chocolate" and the release of "Raw Gateau Chocolate Honori Ichigo", we have adopted a special package that can be used as a gift for Valentine's Day and the examination season. There are three types of packages, one that allows you to write a message with an oil-based pen and the other that contains the messages "Thank you" and "Otsukare-sama". * Package types may not be available. After selling a certain quantity, switch to the conventional package.

Lawson "Raw Gateau Chocolate"